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August 3, 2011
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Younger sister's profile: [link]

Name: Yun Heung

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Digivice: iPod Nano

Digital Shard: Love

Height: 5"6

Nationality: Korean

Personality: Cheery and bubbly, it is rare to ever see her angry; however, when that happens, you better run. This girl is not afraid of anything when angered, or worried that someone she cares about might get hurt. She is very loyal to those she considers close to her, and is especially protective over her younger sister - some people think too much, but it's her way of making up for lost times with her.
Honest and caring, though quite clumsy, she is a hard worker, and will do anything in her power to complete the task assigned to her.

About: Yun is actually quite music-obsessed. She enjoys singing quite a bit, although she is to shy to do so in front of others. It was actually quite the stroke of luck that an ipod became her digivice, since it made it usable while she was in the digital world.
When she decided on joining the Astra, she decided that it would be to her advantage to try studying in the medical field. Joe had actually been teaching her quite a bit in the area, and she knew how to treat both human and digimon wounds. Between her lessons, she'll often be found reading up on the subject as much as possible.

History: Life started out pretty normal; Yun was the middle child, although that didn't stop her from acting motherly towards not only her younger sister, but her older brother as well.
However, as much as she and her mother doted over Fia, it was after she was born that their father began acting strange. Although Yun noticed it, she never though much of it, being to young to understand what was ever going on. Her brother had tried talking to her about it before, but she still never really understood what it was. When she thinks back about it now, she realizes that her father, for some reason, thought that Fia wasn't his child. He was away often for work, and must have thought that their mother was enjoying the company of someone who was...around more often than he. Strange as he may have been acting, it never really affected the rest of the family much. That all changed on Fia's sixth birthday; her mother's boss had come over earlier in the day to drop off a present for Fia - a beautiful stuffed fox - and their father apparentely thought that he was actually Fia's father, and had come by to give his daughter a present. He locked himself in their parents room, while their mother put the finishing touches on Fia's birthday cake. Yun remembered clearly how she and her siblings had been sitting at the kitchen table, waiting excititably for the cake to come out, Fia hugging her present tightly in her arms. They were grinning from ear to ear when their mother came out of the kitchen holding the cake, singing the 'Happy Birthday' song at the top of her lungs. As the children began giggling, their father burst out of the room, went up to their mother, and slapped the cake out of her hands, and then, without warning, began beating her.
Their brother didn't waste any time pulling them under the table, thinking that it would probably keep them out of harms way. They watched in horror as their father continued to hit their mother; Fia and Yun were both in tears, and their brother was clutching them tightly. After awhile, their mother stopped fighting back, and stop yelling in pain. Even after she stopped moving, their father continued to hit her. It was at that moment that their brother took the opportunity. He grabbed them by the hands and ran them out of the house. Once they got onto the street, their brother told them to run, as fast as they could, and as far as they could. They, of course didn't want to leave him, but he didn't give them a choice, promising that he would somehow meet up with them again. They ran and ran, and ended up making their way to a dock. A boat was in the harbor, and the sisters overheard some men talking about how the ship was heading to Japan. The family had been talking for years about taking a trip to Japan, and the girls had been especially excited to go there, especially going to Tokyo, where there seemed to be so many wonderful places to go.
After safely sneaking her sister onto the boat, Fia began to cry; she had lost her new toy, and she kept trying to run off the boat and find it. Obviously, Yun wasn't about to let her six-year-old sister run around trying to find it, so she decided to go find it herself. Before she left, she pinky-sweared her sister that she would return, no matter what, with the fox. Although Yun didn't want to leave Fia alone for even a moment, she knew that the fox would calm her down, and she needed to be calm right now. She managed to find it quite quickly, Fia having dropped it near where they had overheard where the ship was heading. When she picked it up, however, a large honking noise made her jump. Clutching the doll, she ran back towards the boat, only to find that the boat was leaving. By the time she made it to the edge of the dock, the boat was much too far away for her to reach it, even if she jumped as far as she possibly could. Yun sat there for hours, crying, and alone. She wanted to chase after her sister, but at the same time, she wanted to wait for her brother. She didn't know what else to do. I mean, what else would a nine-year-old girl be thinking when left alone other than wanting to see her family again?
After that, it was four years before she ever saw her sister again. By the time they found each other, she had changed so much, Yun almost didn't realize who she was. But that's not what you want to know right now. What you want to know, is what happened to her during those four years, and how she met Lilitmon.
Yun had no clue how long she stayed at the dock before another boat docked there. The crews shouting snapped her out the the funk she had been in ever since she had been seperated from her sister. Holding tightly onto the stuffed fox that had cause this entire mess, she ran and hid behind some of the boxes while they unloaded and reloaded the boat. Yun was watching the boat so intently that she didn't even notice the strange man who snuck up on her. Everything around her went dark; when she woke up, everything around was pitch black. She was lying on some sort of bed, she guess, since there was a ragedy blanket on top of her. Through whatever had happened, she still seemd to be clutching the small fox. She was glancing around the room when a light suddenly turned on. The brightness stunned her, and she covered her eyes for a moment. It took a moment for her eyes to get used to the light, but once she did, she saw a rather sour-looking lady glaring down at her. Before Yun could say anything, the lady barked at her, "name?" "Y-Yun," she stuttered. The older woman grabbed Yun's chin and turned her face upwards. "Too young to be of any real use. Can you do anything at all?" Staring up at her, she continued to have trouble getting her words out, "I c-can...clean," she managed to get out. The older woman seemed to find this satisfactory. "From today on, you belong to me. You'll clean the place, and take care of the other girls. You WILL call me madame, and you WILL respond to whatever I choose to call you." With that, she turned around and stormed out of the room, and after hearing a clicking noise, Yun figured that she had locked her inside the room.
The next year went by quickly; Yun had to wake up early in the morning, and have breakfast ready for the madame and the rest of the girls before they would wake up. Breakfast was the only time she got to see the other girls living in the house. They were all between the ages of 12 and 20, and the younger ones always looked so much more miserable then the older ones, who just looked like they didn't care anymore. There was one girl though, who was different from the rest. She looked about the same age as her older brother would have been, had he been alive - she had trouble believing that there was any way he could have lived through that ordeal. They actually became quite close, almost forming a sisterly bond, but the girl still kept a bit of distance from Yun, probably thinking that she was shielding her from what was actually happening around her. After everyone was done eating, and she and her friend had finished catching up, she would spend the rest of the day cleaning up all the rooms of these young girls, as well as making sure the rest of the place looked tidy. She needed to get the place clean before night-time came, when she was forced to stay in her room. She would usually spend the rest of the night crying herself to sleep. She missed her family, and she was tormented every day by what had happened to her sister.
One night, in the middle of her crying routine, the Madame knocked on her door, saying that a customer had become sick in front of the house, and that she must clean it up right away. Wiping her face, Yun got out of bed, grabbed the mop and bucket out of the corner of her room, and made her way to the front of the house. She grimaced as she quickly mopped up the disgusting mess. As she stepped back into the house, she saw something bright out of the corner of her eyes. Turning to look in the direction of the bright color, she knelt down, and picked up the object. Turning around the red square around, she saw an apple symbol on the back. She pocketed the object, thinking she would give it to the Madame when she saw her later. As she returned to her room, she heard shouting coming from down the hall. She couldn't make out what was being said.
As she slowly made her way down the hallway, the shouting became louder, and she realized that it was a man shouting obscenities like she had heard her father shouting on that day. She could also make out the muffled sound of a girl crying for help. Yun hurried her way towards the door that the sounds were coming from, and threw open the door.
The scene before her was all to familiar. The young girl was lying on the ground, completely bruised and beaten. The man standing over her stopped hitting her for a moment to look at Yun. However, registering the fact that she was there didn't seem to faze him much, for he started the hitting once again. Yun reacted right away, thinking that she was not going to let this happen in front of her for a second time. She launched herself at him and bit him hard on the leg. The man grabbed her by the hair and attempted to pull her off, but she latched herself to his leg, and as she bit harder, she could tasted the blood in her mouth. The man howled in anger, and his fist quickly met with her face. She released his leg and fell to the ground, but before she had time to react, he had changed target to her. The hits just kept coming, although Yun managed to see the girl she had saved run out of the room. Tears began to form in the eyes of the young girl, and pain began to fill her body. Again, she had been left behind. However, the other girl returned a moment later with the madame. They both attempted to pull the man off, but he was too strong for them. He pushed them off, but with his attention off of her, Yun had the time to look around for some sort of weapon to drive him away.
Although she couldn't see much through the tears and the pain, she managed to spy a nail file lying on the ground. Although it hurt to move, she forced herself to grab the nail file off the floor, and then managed to get herself to stab him in the leg. The distraction gave the two other girls the opportunity to knock him out with side table that had been knocked over earlier. The young girl she had saved earlier ran over to her. She looked distraught, "oh my god, are you okay?" she asked frantically. "Fine," Yun muttered, "y-you? You okay?" she managed to ask her. "I'm fine, thanks to you!"
"Good," she managed to say, before she blacked out. She woke up hours later, sore, and not alone. There was some sort of round...thing with a withces hat on its head staring up at her. Yun toppled over and fell off the bed out of shock, but kept herself from screaming. The little creature hopped off the bed and made its way over to Yun. "Are you alright?" she squeaked.
"Fine," Yun replied, a lot more calmly then she expected. "Who are you?" she had to ask. The creature was actually cute once you got over the initially fact that it wasn't, well, human. "My name's Pauwaumon!" she continued to speak in the high-pitched voice, "I'm your digimon partner!" As she lifted herself off the ground, she felt something beneath her hand. Wrapping her fingers around it she brought it up to her face. It was the object she had found earlier in the hallway, except the blank screen she had seen earlier was now glowing pink, and she could see the faint outline of a heart. "It's the crest of love!" the creature squeaked excitedly.
The two spent the rest of the night talking, until they fell asleep cuddled up together. Over the next two years, they continued to grow closer. However, Yun thought it best that no one else in the house knew about her. She kept her a secret over the next to years, worried about what would happen to Pauwaumon if she were ever discovered.
However, after those two years, Madame though there to be better use to Yun. She sat her down one night and told her that she had found a Japanese business who was interested in buying her body. Over the years, Yun had discovered what the place she had been living truly was. She knew right away what this meant, and at first, she was frightened. However, she also the opportunity here. Her sister had been on a boat to Japan, and if she was still alive, that would be where she was. All she would have to do, once in Japan, would be to find a way to escape. Finding her sister would be difficult, she knew, but it was still a chance. It was actually a lot more simple to escape once she had arrived. Pauwaumon had attacked the driver who had been sent to pick her up by throwing her body into his face. As he was thrown off by this, Yun took the chance, and bolted onto the streets, with Pauwaumon following closely after her. She kept running for a long time, probably longer than she should have needed to, but she didn't care. She wanted to be as far away as possible from the situation.
Over the next year, she managed to get herself a job as a maid at the only place she could - love hotels. They didn't pay her much, and the patrons were constantly trying to drag her into their rooms. However, she was slowly saving up money, and was constantly searching for her sister. She sold most of anything she found, only ever keeping an ipod that she found in one of the rooms. She would listen to music while she cleaned, finding it much better to listen to that, then to the constant moaning and groaning coming from the rooms. During all this time, she had still managed to hold onto the stuffed fox, hoping that, if her sister didn't recognize her, she would at least recognize the toy. Pauwaumon helped her as much as she could with the searching, but there was only so much her digimon companion could do, since she, after all, had no clue what Fia looked like. Yun had just turned 13 when she managed to re-unite with her sister. It was a stroke of luck, now that you think about it. She had been on her way to the crappy little hostel she was staying at when she had heard some loud arguing. Normally, she might have kept walking, but Pauwaumon had become suddenly alert, saying that there was another digimon like her around. Interested in the thought of meeting another creature like her, they headed in the direction the shouting was coming from. She saw a young girl arguing with an older man outside a small market. There was a small little fluffy creature on the ground behind her, growling at the older man, who seemed to be gripping the girls wrist rather tightly. She went over to them to dispute the situation. Without really looking at the girl, she managed to get the store owner to back off, by slipping him the small amount of money she had been carrying around with her. She turned around to see if the girl alright, and was suddenly hit with a flash of memories. The last of which was seeing her younger sister's crying face as the boat sailed away.
"Fia," she said, as the girl stared as her strangely.

Partner - Lilitmon

Personality: Although she looks like a dark little witch, her personality is far from so. Lilitmon is actually quite childish, and enjoys paying pranks on the other digimon.
That is not her only childish aspect though. When she's with Yun, she enjoys being taken care of by her; sitting in her lap, being carried by her, and just cuddling up to her in general. When tired, she often refers to Yun as 'mama.'
However, when an enemy appears, she jumps right into action, protecting everyone she can.

Appearance: A tiny little necromancer, she is about the height of a small child. She has large, black, shiny eyes, and light colored hair. She is clad in purpler, from her pointy hat, to her slightly tattered cloak. She doesn't have a body, besides her head, and her boots can be seen floating around underneath her cloak.

Partner - Stats:

[ In-Training ]
|Hecateidos Herbae; her cape opens up and sprinkles her enemy with a drug that renders them immobole; way less effective on digimon of a higher level|

[ Rookie ]
|Anavifotyes; lights up smalls fires (eg. lighting small fires under the feet of enemies|
|Petrapodia; makes the legs of enemies rigid like stone so that they cannot move|

[ Champion ]
|Aninamou; creates an invisible defensive shield around self and whoever is close|
|Meteoros; a cluster of meteoroids shoot out her staff, pummelling her enemy with the mass amount of hot rock|

[ Ultimate ]
|Anapstapirkayia; lights up giant fires; can light enemies entire bodies on fire if she can target them properly|
|Aoratatou; turns self invisible (eg. usually used when trying to sneak up on the enemy)|

[ Mega ]

Don't know why, but I didn't seem to be able to shade ANYTHING T_T
It was terrible D8
I'll redo the whole thing once my Mega and Ultimate are done and I can manage to shade stuff =.=
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"Of course! At least someone will be calling me that," Yun trailed off, suddenly feeling quite depressed, "my own sister won't call me that." Although she wanted to cry slightly when she thought about that fact, she refused to do so in front of the young girl standing facing her. roleplaying is slowly taking over from lack of doing any for's like: OH! A CHANCE! =P
Soon, I'll be writing paragraphs again XD
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Yun looked down at the young girl attempting to comfort her. She shouldn't be acting like this around her.
"Well, it's nothing I'm not used to! I haven't her her call me sister since she was 5, so it shouldn't bother me now," Yun stated, putting up a front - it bothered her to no end that Fia wouldn't act like they were family. She had been fine with it in the beginning, knowing that she would just need time; however, it had been over 5 years since they had re-united.
She shook her head and snapped back to reality. She smiled down at Kristy, happy she had volunteered to come back to get supplies for the Astra. "Would you like to help me grab the stuff I need to bring back to the Digital World?" she asked her.
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